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    MasterCard Payment Options and Availability with Betting Shops

    In the online business world, it is very important to facilitate the transaction process and procedures and there is hardly an online business that does not offer a series of payment methods. Since bookmaking stores also became completely online companies, they also rely on safe, fast, and efficient payment methods. They usually accept wire transfers, credit card payments, and e-wallets. Despite the fact that e-wallets took the online industry by storm, many customers rather rely on rock-solid credit card payments.

    MasterCard is one of the most widely used credit cards in the world and counts to the most efficient payment methods. This review will focus on MasterCard payments and how it exactly works.

    The MasterCard Timeline

    MasterCard started out already in the 1960s under the name Interbank Card Association (ICA) in USA. By the end of the 1960s, the company switched management whereby the California Bank Association bought the company. And finally, in 1979 MasterCard started to be used which became the brand known to us today.

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    Is MasterCard Safe?

    Credit cards can be classified as one of the most important cards one can possess. Credit card frauds are pretty much common since many hackers are able to crack the codes of different credit cards and they engage on a spending spree with the owners’ cards. MasterCard is well-aware of today’s situation, but they do not sit back helplessly praying for the best. Namely, the MasterCard team introduced a set of security features, technologies and techniques to keep their customers safe. So far, MasterCard users had no bigger problems with their payment service provider. Their data are kept safe with the MasterCard team which employs special software tools to keep intruders out.

    Also, MasterCard, along with Visa, fell into the hands of a new UK regulator- the Payment Systems Regulator, established in 2013, which was tasked with promoting competition within the payments market. UK is trying to set new standards and to have a separate body which will deal only with this specific area.

    MasterCard Services

    As a credit card user, you probably are already aware of fees incurred by banks or credit card issuers. MasterCard issuers (i.e. banks authorized to issue them) employ also an interchange fee, whereby the average consumer fee is only 1.50%. Most importantly, users do not pay the interchange fee, since only merchants and financial institutions are subject to these fees.

    MasterCard is one of the safest and fastest payment methods with a long-standing tradition and reputation. Even if e-wallets are also popular, the MasterCard seems to have still the upper hand with millions of loyal users, among which, many sports bettors can be found.

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    Since MasterCard is one of the favorite credit cards in general, it is only natural that many sports punters rely on the ultra-fast payment method to make a quick deposit on their favorite team. Also, MasterCard withdrawals take place smoothly with no major difficulties. More than 90% of bookmakers allow MasterCard payments which ranks very high among the favorite betting payment options.