Bank Transfer

    Bank Transfer

    Online banking has evolved greatly since its inceptions and there are now dozens of different ways you can use to make online payments. When it comes to making deposits into online casinos, using credit and debit cards or e-wallets are usually among the most common methods, while prepaid cards and some other methods also make the list.

    However, the one major problem many of these methods share is the fact that there are limits to how much you can deposit using them. While you will usually have no issue depositing a few hundred pounds into your online casino wallet, depositing a large amount of cash may not be possible.

    High rollers who like to gamble for thousands or tens of thousands of pounds at a time will find this very problematic. Credit card payments are always limited at a relatively low number and even e-wallets will not just let you transfer over any amount of cash. This is where bank transfers also known as wire transfers come in.

    How Do I Use Bank Transfer?

    Bank transfer is an old payment method that still works like a charm. The process of making a deposit will be a lot more tedious and slow but you will be able to deposit pretty much any amount of money you desire into your online gambling wallet.

    In order to make a wire transfer you will need to visit the online casino site, create an account, then go into your cashier and get all the banking details of the casino under the Wire Transfer option. Once you have this, you will need to go down to your local bank, and make a deposit into the casino’s account using their banking information. You can make large deposits and will pay relatively small fee on even huge deposits. For instance, even if you are depositing $20.000, you will still usually only pay under $50 for the transaction.Bank Transfer bank to bank

    Once you make the request, the rest is waiting. Unlike deposit made via debit cards or e-wallets, wire transfers will take some days to clear. There is really no way to make this process any faster as you will have to wait for the transaction to be sent and approved by the recipient bank.

    All of this makes bank transfer one of the least convenient banking methods out there, but a great one for the high stakes players who wish to gamble for large amounts and appreciate their privacy.

    Should I Use Bank Transfers?

    Bank transfers are among the safest deposit methods available. There is basically nothing that can go wrong with a bank transfer and you can be sure that your banking data is kept completely safe. On the other hand, the deposit will take an eternity to clear when compared to credit card deposits or e-wallet deposits.

    We recommend you only look into bank transfers for gambling deposits in those cases when you cannot use other deposit methods for whatever reason or when the amount of money you wish to deposit is simply too big for the other deposit methods to handle.