Android Mobile Casinos

    Android Mobile Casinos

    Mobile casinos are the latest form of online gambling for those who prefer gaming on the go. Mobile casino games have been around since the early part of the 2000’s. The first mobile casino games were very basic and used WAP technology. When Java was introduced mobile casino games improved a lot. There were, however, still no real mobile casinos at that time.

    It took the launch of the first real smartphone in 2007 to really set the ball rolling. The first smartphones came from Apple with their now iconic iPhone series. However, not everyone could afford to buy an iPhone. This meant that mobile casino games were still out of reach for most people. It was not until Google joined the smartphone market that things really started to change. Google introduced Android which went on to become the world’s largest mobile operating system.

    Mobile casino gaming on Android

    Today, the Android OS dominates the smart device market. This is mostly because iOS (Apple) is a closed ecosystem. Android, on the other hand, is open source and is used by many different mobile device brands. The system is also used by many app developers. In other words, more people have access to Android than iOS. This also has a big impact on mobile casino games. While some online casinos only offer iOS mobile casino apps, most offer both. Gamblers also find more casino games are available on Android.

    Android also allows for cheaper devices to be built with advanced features. This results in more people being able to access Android mobile casinos. The quality of Android mobile casino games is also very good across most Android mobile devices. Software developers also tend to make more casino games available on this operating system. If you are new to mobile casino gambling, it is a good idea to go with Android. This is because Android mobile casinos tend to offer more variety. This means that you will find more games that are better suited to novice gamblers. It is easier to learn to play on the go on easier games. It is also less risky and you will not lose as much as you would playing more complex mobile casino games.

    Android Mobile Casinos list

    Different types of Android mobile casino games

    There are several versions of the Android OS available. Each version is an improvement over the last one. All Android OS versions are named for different types of candy. Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop are just a few examples. The latest version is Android Nougat or Android 7. Your ability to enjoy Android mobile casinos depends on which system you are currently running. Some of the older ones are quite limited in this regard.

    However, most Android users can access a full range of mobile casino games. Most of the top software providers have also developed a range of great Android mobile casino games. Top software brands such as Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech have all developed mobile casino games for Android. You can enjoy a range of 3 reel, 5 reel 3D video and progressive jackpot slots on Android mobile. You can also play a range of classic or table games such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat on the go.