5.0 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
35 times
4.3 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
40 times
4.0 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
40 times

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AstroPay Card is a prepaid virtual card, available along with the AstroPay Direct, and used in Latin America and Asia. The card is compatible with many payment methods like Itau, HSBC, Boleto,, Baloto, Neteller, PSC or others. More importantly, it offers security since online bettors are not required to give out any personal or bank details in order to fund their online casino sportsbooks accounts.

Also, the card is very easy to operate which is extremely significant for its users. You can select the card with a minimum of $20, and you are ready to use all the benefits that this service can offer. Once you make a request for the card, you will get your virtual AstroPay card that works just like a credit card. However, this can be even a safer option in some cases. Furthermore, there are no fees to pay for using your virtual card in your online casino.

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AstroPay Account

To obtain your virtual prepaid card, you need to sign up at Besides, you can also use your Facebook account to make registration, which makes this simple process even quicker. However, once you are a member, you need to choose the value of the card and pay in local currency by online bank transfer, cash deposit or with your debit or credit card. These methods might vary depending on the country of residence, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, as well as China, Indonesia, and Japan.

After the transaction is processed, you will receive an email with the virtual card. It will include the 16 digits security code and expiry date, which are usually provided on your credit cards.  It is vital to know that AstroPay Card can only be used on sites which accept this payment method. You will have to choose the payment method, fill in the necessary fields with the data received in your email and the transactions will be automatically processed. However, the prepaid card cannot be reloaded, although you can merge multiple cards together.


AstroPay guarantees secure transactions and use. The services of AstroPay are PCI Compliant Level 1, and entirely in agreement with the banking regulations of the operating countries. The company has a strict privacy policy concerning personal and financial details, which is a critical fact for potential future clients. It is important that such data is never shared with the seller. All the payments are processed quickly by AstroPay Brazil Ltda.


As it was already mentioned, AstroPay offers its prepaid virtual card on the market of Latin America and Asia. These cards are free to buy and use. In addition, you will not be required to share any of your personal or financial information on the sites that accept AstroPay. The number of online casinos and sportsbooks that accept AstroPay is slowly, but steadily rising, and hopefully, the AstroPay users will have a wider range of options soon enough. Furthermore, this card is also compatible with other local payment methods and home banking accounts.