Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are a quick and fun way to test your luck. This simple game is not as old as some other games of chance but is just as popular. In the real world, instant win cards are everywhere. You can find vendors in malls and stores as well as in pubs and fill stations all over the world. Not all cards are for gambling. There are many versions that are made to promote products or to raise money for different charities and so forth. No matter the purpose of the games, they are all fun to play. No one can resist the temptation to reveal the hidden prize and see what they may have won.

History of scratch cards

The scratch card as we know it now was first seen in the 1970’s. A company called Scientific Games designed instant win lottery tickets with a computer, the first time this had ever been done. These simple instant win games paved the way for the modern scratch card. Ten years after this event, another company called Astro-Med took the instant win card a step further. They developed a new scratch-off instant win card and had the idea patented. These were the very first real scratch cards.

Scratch Cards history

People loved the game right from the start. The idea that you could buy a card for a few cents, scratch the surface and win a prize instantly was a hit. The design of these cards was also nice and simple. This made it easy for anyone to buy a card and learn how to play within a few seconds. Most people like games that are easy and quick and the first games were simple. These cards had a single surface divided into four or six blocks. The surface was covered in a thin layer that was easy to scratch off. Players had to match two or three symbols to win a prize.

Today instant win cards are big business and are popular all over the world. There are quite a few companies making cards for different markets. Instant win cards are still one of the best ways to promote products or raise money. The basic format has never been changed as it is already perfect. This is one of the most attractive features of these cards. They are easy to play, a lot of fun and cheap with the chance to win a big prize. The most recent version of the game is scratch cards online. Online casinos began to introduce them in 2009. Scratch cards online were an instant hit with online casino gamblers. They are just as much fun as real games and just as easy to play.

Rules of scratch cards online

Scratch cards online are very easy to play and the rules are also simple. In fact, scratch cards online are played in the same way as the real games. This adds to the fun as players can choose to scratch the virtual card with their cursor. The other option is to press a button which instantly reveals all the symbols on a card at once. This second option is best for serious players who want to get in as many scratch card online games as possible.

To play online you first have to join an online casino. If you are already with an online casino then simply click on the scratch card tab. If you are not part of an online casino, look for good scratch cards casinos and click on the sign-up button. Follow the instructions to complete your new account. Once this has been done, find the scratch card tab and click on it. You can play scratch cards online for fun or real money. If you want to play for real money you will need to make a real money deposit in your casino account.

Scratch Cards rules

There are lots of different kinds of scratch cards online that you can play at most online casinos. The added benefit of scratch cards online is that they can be animated and even look like other casino games like slots. The themes in scratch cards online are also varied and there is something for everyone. You can find scratch cards online with action themes, sports, casino themes, cartoon, adventure and much more. Once you have found the scratch card that you like, click on it to begin the game. Most scratch cards online will want you to match a certain number of symbols to win. The number of symbols will vary from one game to another. Some scratch cards online need you to match three symbols to win. Other scratch cards will need you to match up to six symbols to win. This also relates to the amount or type of prize that can be won.

Online scratch cards tips

  1. Every scratch card game has a coin selector which allows you to decide how much you want to spend on each scratch card. This is a great way to ensure that you stay within your budget and can play for long. Simply click on the plus icon or the minus icon to raise or lower the coin value.
  2. There are two ways in which you can scratch the scratch cards online. You can choose to use your cursor or mouse to scratch the surface or, to save time, can simply click on the “reveal” button.
  3. A good scratch cards strategy is to keep an eye on your playing budget and decide on a limit before you start playing. This is especially important while you learn to play scratch cards. It is also a good idea to find online casinos that offer great scratch cards bonuses so that you have a better start when you play scratch cards.

Scratch card software providers

Today, scratch cards online are made by almost all of the top online casino game software brands. Microgaming even has their own dedicated site called WinTingo. Some software brands tend to specialize in scratch cards online and you can find great games from top brands such as PariPlay and Neo Games. Most good online casinos will also offer a range of scratch card online games from top brands such as NetEnt. Playtech, Betsoft, and others.


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