3.8 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
35 times
5.0 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
35 times
4.5 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
45 times
4.3 rating
The bonus has a wagering requirement of
35 times


Slot Machines from Aristocrat

Australian Aristocrat Leisure Limited is one of the longest standing casino game developers still in existence. Established back in 1953, the company found a way to survive in a very competitive online casino market. They were able to do so thanks to their vision and the ability to keep up with technology.

Aristocrat has come a long way from their initial phase, but the company was a pioneer in many aspects. For example, they were the first to come up with the idea of scattered payouts. They were also the first to create a video poker machine.

Their old products were revolutionary, helping them build a durable reputation in the industry. However, Aristocrat didn’t try to live off the old fame. They realized the importance of staying competitive. Thus, they continued to come up with innovative and impressive products to this very day. The company recently hit the jackpot with their Buffalo Stampede game, which became hugely popular in North America.

Aristocrat History

Aristocrat Leisure Limited was established in 1953 in Sydney, Australia, by Len Ainsworth. This was a beginning of a long and successful story. It would turn Aristocrat into the biggest gambling machines developer in Australia.

In 1956, the company introduced ‘The Clubmaster’ slot. The Clubmaster was revolutionary at the time. It was the first slot machine to offer multi-line and scattered payouts. The machine also introduced some other novelties, like self-lubricating reels. Aristocrat continued going strong in the next couple of years. Not long after, in 1958, they presented the first video poker machine.

The innovative and imaginative approach to slot machines brought a lot of success for the company. Between 1960 and 1969, they continued to expand to the US and European market. In 1965, they released the first electronic slot called ‘Moon Money.’

During the next decade, Aristocrat continued down the same path of growth and expansion. Once again taking on the role of a pioneer, they came up with the first video slot. In 1979, they released the first-ever fully electronic game called ‘Wild West.’

Aristocrat history

The next generation of games

In 1982, the Virtual Reel came about. This gave slot machine producers like Aristocrat more options. They were able to create games with significantly higher player returns. This led to a massive increase in the popularity of slots. In 1983, casino revenues generated by slot machines surpassed those of table games for the first time.

During the 1990s, Aristocrat became a publically listed company. Then in 1995, they released the MK Gaming System, enabling them to expand into new markets. New offices were opened in Columbia, Africa, and Peru soon after.

The year 2000 saw Aristocrat receive an operating license in Las Vegas, Nevada. They also expanded to Japan through the joint venture with Sammy Corp. In 2005, the company also expanded to China, making their mark in Macau.

After these expansions, there was a period of struggle for Aristocrat. The game developer had to deal with the global economic crises which influenced many in the industry. They managed to start turning things around in 2009 when they introduced a brand new business strategy.

The company focused their efforts on the US market, and this shift started producing positive results. In 2014, they launched several hugely successful games, including Buffalo Stampede and Walking Dead. The success continued in 2015 and beyond, with more successful titles, putting Aristocrat back on the map.

Aristocrat games

Games & Features

Although Aristocrat developed many casino products over the years, they are best known for their slot machines. One of their best-known titles is Queen of the Nile slot. The game features a familiar Egyptian theme, combined with exciting gameplay and memorable experience.

But, Queen of the Nile is just one of the many games developed by the company. Their titles include the likes of:

  • 50 Dragons
  • Buffalo Stampede
  • Dolphin Treasure
  • Game of Thrones
  • Geisha
  • Tarzan of the Apes

Recently, the company has released several very successful titles. Their Lightning Link, Sons of Anarchy, and Big Bang Theory slots were accepted very well by the players.

Today, Aristocrat continues to develop and expand. They’ve seized their share of the mobile market as well. By doing this, they entered the niche that’s been increasingly popular over the past few years. Despite being one of the oldest companies around, Aristocrat has shown willingness and required expertise to keep moving forward, keeping up with the competition.