E-wallets have been around the internet for many years now. Ones like PayPal have dominated the online shopping industry for a long time now, while many other ones have been used by online gamblers to transfer their funds in a more private and safe way.

    EcoPayz is exactly one such online payment processor or e-wallet, designed to help people make payments online. The use of EcoPayz in online gambling has increased in recent years and their EcoCards have become a standard among the online gamblers from around the world.

    There are many benefits to using EcoCard, which include instant banking, worldwide acceptance and low fees. EcoCard is an easy to use and instant banking method that could make your next online gambling deposit simpler and quicker than you have ever experienced.

    How To Use EcoCard

    In order to become an owner of the EcoCard, you will first need to have an EcoPayz account. Making an account with EcoPayz is not hard and is completely free of charge. Once you are ready to join the money processor, you will simply need to visit their site, enter your real information and you will have an account ready.

    Once your account is ready, you will need to confirm your identity. This is done easily by providing photos of your passport or ID card and proof of address. Once this is all done, your account will be fully set up and you will be able to add your own debit and credit cards to it to fund it and withdraw funds from.

    EcoCard how to

    However, you will also get the option of getting an EcoCard of your own, which allows you to make instant payments around the world and withdraw cash at AMTs straight out of your online balance. This means your EcoPayz balance will be available to your instantly at any time.

    You can also make deposits using your EcoCard if there is money in your EcoPayz balance, which means it can be used just like any other debit card in the world. Using EcoCard means you will be able to access your withdrawals from online casinos the moment they land in your online balance and money from online balances can take days to arrive to your debit or credit card.

    Should I Use EcoCard?

    EcoCard is a brilliant method of online banking. From instant deposits to fastest cashouts and access to your money at ATMs around the globe, EcoCard allows the level of independence that is normally not seen with online payment processors.

    You can sign up with EcoPayz today from hundreds of countries around the world, set up your account and send in a request for your EcoCard. You will get the card in your mail within a few weeks’ time and you will be able to use your card from that point onwards like any debit card you have ever owned.

    Sign up with EcoPayz now and get your EcoCard to use around the globe with lowest charges in the world and absolutely no restrictions.